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Sussmann, Michael

Michael Sussmann

Michael Süssmann started to play the violin at 5, and made his first public performance at 7 as soloist with orchestra in Bergen, Norway. Later, he studied with Ernst Glaser and Karsten Andersen, the latter also the chief conductor at Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra In 1972, Süssmann attended the master class at the Royal Conservatoir de Musique de Bruxelles, where he studied with Andrè Gertler and Leon Ara. He graduated with a 1.prize in 1976, whereupon he continued studies with Ricardo Odnopossoff at the Zürich Musikhochschule. In 1977,  Süssmann became a member of the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra (Norway), and was at the same time dedicated to chamber music with numerous performances. He made his public debut in Oslo in 1979 and  was met with very enthusiastic critics, which in turn were awarded with several scholarships. In 1980 he became the concert master of Tromsø Symphony Orchestra, and  also the director of the string section at Tromsø Music School. Some years later, Süssmann`s solo carriere made it possible for him to be  a full time freelancer, combined with a teaching position in Os School of Music near Bergen, Norway. In 1997, he entered the position as the Artistic Director of MusicaNord, a concert society who produces apprx. 130 concerts every year through different concert series. Süssmann has also founded the Bergen International Chamber Music Festival. Süssmann has performed in USA, Asia, apart of  many concerts in European countries. His schedule for the upcoming year (2011) includes tours in Russia, Portugal, Canada, Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Germany. and several concerts in Europe. Süssmann has  devoted significant amount of his time to help young and talented artists to have the opportunity to perform in a professional environment.  He is also the chaiman for tha annual Ole Bull Prize. He plays  a Michelangelo Bergonzi violin, Cremona.

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